Partnership Property’s 5 tips for a successful rental application



Knocked back for yet another rental property? Don’t feel alone! This will help you blitz that next application:


  1. Complete the application completely – yes, it happens, and property managers don’t have time to follow up applicants for forgotten details. Importantly, ensure you provide photocopies of your identification. Most agents will not process your application without the required number of points of identification.


  1. Provide as many financial details as possible – if you are self/unemployed, provide details of your accountant, a bank statement showing savings, or references from a past employer. Stick to properties where rental payments don’t exceed more than 35 per cent of your income


  1. Ensure phone numbers on your references are correct and ask your referees to expect a call from the agent. If you don’t have a previous landlord, you may include your employer, employment agency, teacher, or an employed friend as referees.


  1. Update your social media accounts to make sure the information is consistent with what’s included on your rental application (such as your place of employment).


  1. Be a responsible pet owner – rather than leaving this information out potentially leading to problems down the track, include a pet reference and photo of your pet in your application.


If competition is fierce, don’t forget to ask for feedback on how you can improve next time!


10 August, 2017 


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