In comparison with Melbourne and Sydney, the Brisbane residential property market is significantly more affordable. For first-time investors in particular, Brisbane offers an ideal opportunity to step into a market that often provides a better yield than the southern cities of Sydney and Melbourne.
Over the last three years Brisbane house prices have risen steadily, especially in the twelve-kilometre radius of the CBD. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future as land becomes extremely scarce.

There is very little land available on which to build houses, and with approximately 400,000 people moving into this area over the next 10 years, many more units and townhouses need to be built. It is estimated over 90% of these people will choose to live within a 15 kilometre radius of the CBD.

Local councils and governments are currently easing building restrictions; this will allow property owners to subdivide the residential property they already own. However, this alone is not sufficient to meet projected housing requirements.

Land is the key, and it will become extremely expensive in this area. Development sites will become more expensive and these costs will be passed on to the purchaser, forcing prices of units and townhouses to increase.

Developers and builders are now designing and building superior units and townhouses, which better suit the requirements of long-term tenants and owners. Investors need to look at property as a long-term investment, and understand that prices will appreciate over time.

Working with an experienced agent or investment property expert when looking to purchase an investment property can prove beneficial in terms of access to local knowledge and availability of stock, as well as mitigate any difficulties that may arise. Partnership Property has worked with many property investors over the last eighteen years, sourcing and managing investment properties on their behalf. We work with developers and builders we know and trust, and we research the project and location thoroughly to ensure the property meets investors’ requirements.

We consider managing properties on behalf of investors a privilege, and we conduct this role with diligence and dedication. We understand acutely the investors’ perspective, and go the extra mile in the management of their valuable assets – we understand that maintaining property to the highest possible standard ensures investors receive the return they expect.